Year in review - 2017

DECEMBER 29, 2017  ·  423 WORDS

Here are a few things I did this year and some goals for the coming year.


I interned at Mastercard over the summer. It was my first experience as an intern working full-time. The team I was on focused on automating tasks that would drain resources internally. It was mostly about setting up bots to download reports, parse/process them, and get them to the relevant mailboxes. It was good, but I was more fascinated by the speaker series where I learnt a little bit about how Mastercard helps with payments and moving money around the world. Fintech is truly fascinating and I decided that I'd like to learn more about it. I've signed an offer at Braintree payments for an internship and I'm really excited be in San Francisco next summer!


I naturally gravitate towards web development so some of the hardware ECE courses definitely took a toll on me. To balance it out, I managed to take a few design classes throughout the year and really enjoyed them a lot, specifically CS 565.

I'm still glad that I choose ECE as a major because it makes me appreciate how building off of simple NAND gates gets you to the device you are currently reading this on.


I only ran 179.3 KM in total. I tried to be consistent but the cold weather in Illinois makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Next year, the plan is to beat this mileage by at least 50 KM.


I've traveled to a few places this year.

Also a bunch of places within the US and India. I also visited New York over Thanksgiving break and really enjoyed being in the city. It would be cool to live there some day.


I love watching movies and these are a few of the ones I really loved this year.


Most of the year was spent dealing with a full 18 credit hour course load and while it was hectic, I enjoyed most of my classes and managed to find enough time to spend with friends. I probably could have handled some things better, but overall I'm happy with how things went. I hope to make productive use of my time in the coming year.